Established in 1946 as the Guided Projectile Establishment under the Ministry of Supply, Westcott rapidly became the key site for the research and development of solid and liquid propulsion within the UK.

Today Nammo Westcott, the remaining part of the original GPE, is a major supplier of chemical propulsion to the global spacecraft market. Nammo’s rocket engines and thrusters serve commercial, defence and science markets. In 2016 it was Nammo Westcott’s UK designed, developed and manufactured LEROS 1b Apogee engine that provided the insertion burn to allow NASA’s JUNO spacecraft to successfully enter into orbit around Jupiter.

Nammo Westcott has a growing workforce, which currently stands at 25 employees and has development, production and test activities in the following areas:

* Hypergolic Bipropellant Apogee Engines
* Hypergolic Bipropellant Attitude Control System Thrusters
* Monopropellant Attitude Control System Thrusters
* Green Monopropellant Attitude Control System Thrusters
* Cold Gas Thrusters
* Electric and Chemical Propulsion Subsystems and components.
* Rocket Engine Test Services

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