Why Westcott?

Westcott’s Space Cluster is unique.

Unlike other rocket propulsion test facilities, Westcott Venture Park is privately owned. As such, its 650 acres supports companies from various industries to establish and scale their operations within the park. The secure, controlled environment is situated in the heart of the Oxford-Cambridge Arc and is home to a plethora of businesses operating within the sector.

That’s why we’ve been continually expanding and attracting established and international businesses for years now. Our entrepreneurial, innovative, and multifaceted culture makes Westcott one of the most exciting commercial space clusters in the world.
Businesses here are developing the focus for the UK’s space propulsion R&D activities and will accelerate the translation of R&D into the industrial base, including new ‘green’ propellants.

Business Support

The Westcott Incubator and Accelerator programme is a new funding opportunity delivered by the Buckinghamshire Local Enterprise Zone, that will enable early-stage businesses, or small and medium enterprises, to explore and develop their innovations using the facilities and expert teams based at Westcott.

Launched in November 2022, the programme includes two separate packages from which space-related businesses can tailor the support they require using a voucher scheme that ranges from £5,000 to £25,000. You can apply for both the Incubator and the Accelerator at the same time, as well as independently of one another.



Accessing space has never been easier.
Expanding their physical capabilities to a new, purpose-built facility at Westcott which will provide companies with specialist spaces and equipment to verify, validate and demonstrate future in-orbit operations including manufacturing, servicing, inspection, repair and assembly.

The Satellite Applications Catapult’s Access to Space team is leading the In-Orbit Servicing and Manufacturing capabilities at Westcott with experts in the areas of robotics, manufacturing, in-orbit operations, and much more.


Our Future Networks Development Centre offers a range of connectivity for testing solutions; the Westcott Innovation Centre for prototyping and manufacturing; and the Incubator and Accelerator programme for supporting growing businesses. This, along with additional technologies and partnerships we bring in through third parties, supports us working with UK businesses to explore opportunities for product and service development.