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What’s on offer?

Westcott is continuing its legacy in flight operations as a centre for the future development of UAV traffic management systems, and for real-world BVLoS applications; and, by extension, for other autonomous systems as well.

The Drone Test and Development Centre offers a secure environment to test and develop drone products and services, including capabilities that will support Beyond Visual Line Of Sight (BVLOS), pilot training, and remote flight operations. Westcott as a former RAF airfield without general aviation, has multiple open flying areas, no conflicting traffic, and a low residential density, making it an ideal location for unmanned specialist companies to test and develop their vehicles and sensors.

A secure environment

Our purpose-built centre for drone testing and development includes facilities for companies to design, build, test, and operate advanced remotely piloted and autonomous aircraft or drones.

These include:

  • Three large workshops for technical development – full and half hangars are available for long and short term lease, and flexible workbench options available for rent by the day.
  • A 270-metre runway for horizontal take-off.
  • Four dedicated landing pads for vertical, or vertical to horizontal take-off.
  • Multiple flying areas offering real world flying environments.

You can find out more about Satellite Applications Catapult and their facilities at Westcott here.

Drone Centre Westcott

Flight operation history

Westcott as a former operational airfield has plenty of open space and low residential density in the immediate vicinity which makes it an ideal location for UAV specialist companies who need space to test their vehicles and sensors.

Westcott will be developed into a comprehensive test centre for autonomous systems of all scales, integrating users into the development process by providing access to the latest expertise in instrumentation, communications, control systems, alongside bespoke test set-ups. Examples would include extensive agri-tech trials under controlled field/crop conditions, using both UAVs and ground vehicles, or test rigs simulating the use of autonomous systems for tackling oil spills, or servicing pylons etc.

If you’re looking to test and develop your UAV innovation, get in touch today!

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