Formed in 2007, European Astrotech Ltd (EAL) provides engineering, technical and advisory support to the space propulsion industry for mechanical and chemical services in the supply and test of liquid propellants, material compatibility investigations, equipment design, testing of components and satellite propulsion subsystems, launch and test support, including spacecraft propulsion system fueling and pressurisation and other diverse advisory roles in safety and transport issues, design and production of satellite subsystems.

They offer engineering, technical and advisory support to the space propulsion industry in project and programme management and procurement support. They provide training for professionals and students alike.

In 2013, EAL started research and development activities for an educational outreach program involving High Altitude Balloons. Space Balloons by EAL are designed to inspire and educate students about the space industry and give them first hand experience at preparing and executing their own mission to near-space. They create bespoke projects for primary and secondary schools, ranging from one-off launch day events to long term projects where the students develop their own payload and learn all about the exciting science and technology behind space balloons. Projects are tailor made to suit the interests, ages and goals of individual schools and students, making every project totally unique.

EAL also offers commercial flights to individuals and companies.

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