Protolaunch is a chemical propulsion and space mobility company developing rocket engines to power the in-space economy. Protolaunch’s family of propulsion products spans the thrust range of 400N-10,000N, with continuous deep throttling capability options ideally suited to kick stages, in-orbit propulsion, and landers. Our core technology focuses on removing complex turbopumps without sacrificing performance.

The Protolaunch team has expertise in additive manufacturing, control systems, and electronics allowing us to deliver bespoke end-to-end solutions for customers including: engine control systems, propulsion simulators, and ground support equipment.

Protolaunch operates a dedicated rocket engine test facility within the Westcott Space Cluster with full propellant delivery and data acquisition systems for engines up to 15kN. Working with partners including the European Space Agency, UK Space Agency and Satellite Applications Catapult, Protolaunch is rapidly bringing new propulsion products to market.

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