The Westcott Future Networks Development (FNDC) Centre is a joint funded venture between the Buckinghamshire Thames Valley Local Enterprise Partnership (BTVLEP) and the Satellite Applications Catapult, focused on resilient communications. It offers an open and accessible UK test centre for all ITU Primitives, providing total standardised COTS testing facilities. It also offers test and development Ofcom licences from 700Mhz to 4200Mhz and satellite and terrestrial capabilities.

The FNDC is now open for business. Facilities can be hired from half a day up to a year. There are discounted rates avialable for start-ups and early-stage businesses.

UK's 5G ecosystem

The Westcott FNDC is an inherent part of the UK’s 5G ecosystem. It enables innovation and product prototyping in a realistic environment, providing interoperability between new prototypes and current commercialised-off-the-shelf (COTS) products as well as existing 3G/4G network deployments.

5G Centre

650 Acres of Space

Situated in 650-acres of secured open space, Westcott’s poor terrestrial coverage makes the FNDC an ideal place to test new infrastructures without the risk of interference from existing systems.

It is also an ideal place where start-ups, established industry players and academia can work together in a flexible and collaborative environment, and test and develop new services and products by accessing the latest mobile applications service equipment and satellite data without the need to invest in expensive infrastructure.

It’s a environment to rapidly prototype and commission new services and applications under representative real-world conditions ahead of market roll-out.

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