In-Orbit Servicing and Manufacturing

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What’s on offer?

Creating new products, services and capabilities beyond Earth has never been easier with Satellite Applications Catapult.

Expanding their physical capabilities to a new, purpose-built facility with some of the largest test and validation capabilities in Europe, the facility at Westcott which will provide companies with specialist spaces and equipment to demonstrate and authenticate future in-orbit operations including manufacturing, servicing, inspection, repair, and assembly.

The Catapult’s Access to Space team is leading the In-Orbit Servicing and Manufacturing capabilities at Westcott with experts in the areas of robotics, manufacturing, in-orbit operations, and much more.
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The IOSM facility is housed within Building 4000 at Westcott Venture Park, Buckinghamshire. You can find out more about Satellite Applications Catapult and their facilities at Westcott here: Facilities.

If you’re a business looking to develop and test new technologies for space including propulsion for launch and in-space applications, close-proximity operations, active debris removal, in-orbit servicing and manufacturing and even those applications going beyond LEO such as asteroid mining, space energy and capabilities needed on the Moon, then reach out to our team today!

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